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Requests: Let's just say I take...prompts? You can send me all of your ideas and I might draw them if it sounds interesting!

Art Trades: OPEN
I would do Art Trades with everyone, I think, so just contact me if you want one. At the moment, I don't have any to do so I am free for you.

Commissions: FO SHO MA BRO
Just contact me (:



I'm the co-writer of Luminary children, a comic that you can read right here on deviantArt! The main writer and also person who draws the thing is :iconmumblecat: . It's done with MsPaint (not kidding!) and with a mouse (seriously, I'm not kidding!). It takes place in a future world in that time travel has been invented, side effects of it however were that some kids gained supernatural powers. Those are called Luminary Children. The Galactic Union which is kind of an evil police of the universe however doesn't like such powerful people to exist and thus is trying to hunt them to extinction. Some kids escape them, but a few want to use their powers for ruling the world. And so the main character Conny and his new "friends" are the last ones to save the whole damn universe.
I'll do additional art and stuff, and you can always ask me stuff about the comic.
Why am I still talking, just go read it already. Page 1 is here:…


And here's the actual about me:

Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you. Even though my username is a very long something made out of weird stuff that I thought of when I was like 12 or something, and a few people might refer to me as "Summer", please just call me Jarina or Jany since that's what I usually use as my online name.

Umm, what can I say about me? I am from Austria, am 17 years old and I love drawing and photography. I also like writing, but when I write, I do it mainly in german, so I can't upload it. And let me tell you, I really really really appreciate every comment, and every fav, and I especially love people who give me good advice, commonly known as "constructive criticism". I know that I'm not that good yet, but that's why I keep practicing - maybe someday I'll be better.

When I'm not drawing, I spend a lot of time watching series (lately there's been a lot of anime), reading, or hang out with my super awesome friends.

My favourite thing in the world is Homestuck, but there's a lot of other stuff I love - it's listed below!

If you have any questions, ask them, like, right now! I don't bite on good days.
aka the obligatory Homestuck journal

Happy Homestuck day! I'm afraid I haven't done any Homestuck art this time but I still love Homestuck just as much. In case you are now confused and don't know what Homestuck is, it's basically the most amazing (and also the longest) webcomic ever and now it's been running for 6 years already! But, it's really coming close to the end now. I'm scared. I am so so so scared.

You should totally check it out here:

Happy Homestuck! (haha, that was a joke. Get it? Because Homestuck will only make me cry from now on. Haha. Ha.)
  • Mood: Excited
  • Reading: Homestuck (duh)
  • Watching: Princess Precure
  • Eating: idk I think I could go for curry now

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Kitsune by LovexSummerxCat
Sooo there was this anime convention in Vienna named the Aninite and it had a fanart contest, and I thought, why not participate? The theme was Kitsune, so this is what I ended up with. The winners were waaay above my level of course, so I didn't really have much of a chance, but I'm glad I made this anyway because I feel like I actually am getting more and more used to my graphic tablet. Also, it was really fun to make. More effort than my usual pictures (which are like, oh let's sketch something, haha) but I think it paid off already just for the progress I made (If you know what I made with the gt before, then you can probably tell that yes this is a lot better).
Anyway, I actually had fun doing this, way more fun than I usually have with my graphic tablet, and I see a certain chance that I might actually get like, kinda good with it at some point.
Delicious Brain by LovexSummerxCat
Delicious Brain
A miracle has happened. I have actually made something with my graphic tablet. And it's not so bad that I'm too ashamed to upload it.
Like wow. I put actual effort in this. I mean okay a lot of artists would get amazing stuff if they ever put any actual effort in their artworks but I just get a picture of Liv holding a brain, which for now, is actually pretty satisfying.

Okay, so I started watching iZombie tonight. I only saw the first two episodes but I already really like it!! Gotta love Liv of course :33 If you have no idea what iZombie is, it's a TV series and you should totally check it out. It's about a zombie pathologist who eats brains...yeah.

iZombie belongs to...wait, uh...I think DC? Yeah probably. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Shut your dream by LovexSummerxCat
Shut your dream
Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with magical girls lately? Because I totally am. And thus, I ended up watching Pretty Cure.
I only wanted to check it out.
I've watched five seasons so far and am watching three more simultaneously.
Anyway, Princess Precure is the season airing atm and it actually might become my favourite season so far?? It's really cool! So, of course, I had to draw my favourite, most fabulous villain, Shut. He (yes, he) has been my favourite from the very moment he appeared.

Go! Princess Precure belongs to Toei Animation.
Fire witch by LovexSummerxCat
Fire witch
Sooo in one of the billion novels I wanna write, there's a fire witch in one. Have I ever actually drawn any of those witches? Cause they're pretty cool. I at first wanted the books to be about vampires but then I ended up creating way more witches instead, and it also involves alchemy and like 453453 other things.
Does she have a name? I think I at some point gave her a name. Forgot it though. Lisa kinda fits though. I think I'm gonna name her Lisa.
Magical Girl by LovexSummerxCat
Magical Girl
Hello, so apparently I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Like, a reaaally long time. Doesn't mean I haven't been drawing, I just never really had the thought of "Hey, let's upload something on dA". Sooo, in case you've been wondering what I've been drawing, 90% magical girls. Not even kidding. I'm obsessed with magical girls lately, so of course I've ended up creating some on my own. This one's part of a duo that I've creatively named "Starshine Power" (wow what a creative name) and it used to have a zodiac theme but that kinda went into the background after some time, haha. Been considering making a webcomic but I don't even know anything about drawing comics and wow a comic is so much work and I'm a very busy person so it's probably not gonna work.

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